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Traditonal Carbon Style Arrows

Gallery                                                                  Cost: $10 Each + Tips

 Although they are not a Traditional material for arrows the Medieval shield Fletched Carbon Arrows are used for speed and accuracy without all the random factors given by wooden arrows. Wood and bamboo arrows can warp, bend and in the end break with much more ease then carbon.

The carbon arrows are strong in material and don’t flex as much as the others making it a very accurate arrow that will always give the same shot if accuracy and form is perfect. Although it has better performance over other arrows most people would still rather have wooden or bamboo arrows and keep some of these aside when they need to make accurate shots like with hunting or competition shooting.

The Medieval or Shield Fletched Carbon Arrows come in various colored Fletching and have the field points like other arrows for target shooting.

They are slick and smooth complementing all bows and accessories with the shiny black shafts.

The nocks at the top of the shaft are made of plastic and they can be replaced and pulled off to change them to other colors.

Overall one of my favorite arrows even though I love shooting wooden arrows to keep traditional.

Don’t know which arrow you need?  Take a quick look at the video for Traditional Arrows Perth

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