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Leather Y Archery Glove

Gallery                                                                                                             Cost: $15 AUD

Most Traditional bows Don’t have a resting place (Shelf) for the arrow making the arrow have to sit on the hand before shooting to keep it level. In Comes the Leather Y Archery Glove!
Not only comfortable but light and not cumbersome this glove will ensure you don’t have cuts in your hands by the end of the day!

Reinforced with an extra piece of hard leather this glove is perfect if you keep on cutting your hand with the Arrow Fletches when shooting.

It sits perfectly on most hands as sizes go from small to extra large and are to fir your stile with the Black or Brown colours available.

The Leather Y Archery Glove will ensure your hand is kept safe and without hassle so if you need one don’t hesitate to ask!

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