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Istavan Toth Bows

Istavan Toth is a master bow maker who is renown around the world for the beauty and efficiency of his bows.

The beautifull Toth range is designed to accomodate every archer with it’s large variety of styles by using a revolutionary ranking system to allow the customer to pick the exact traditional bow they have always wanted.

THE BOWS: These handcrafted bows bring modern technology to authentically revive an ancient Hungarian craft. The stiff tips (syhas) are made of ash wood with horn tips and Strike Plates for the arrows making the bows beautifully decorated and visually pleasing. The curved bellies are made of fiberglass and the covering is of leather. These bows are not restricted by an arrow rest, allowing the flexibility to shoot right and left-handed, Western or Eastern style.

The Bow maker (Bow yer): Native American culture fascinated István Tóth as a small boy in Budapest. This fascination, combined with his own award-winning accomplishments in horsemanship, grew and soon extended into his life’s work: Artisan bows crafted for horseback archers.

Tóth’s bows are based on the weapons favored by his own nomadic ancestors, the warrior tribes known as the Huns and Magyars, notorious for their skills as archers.

For more than 20 years, Tóth’s bows have been widely sought, as have his tutorials to train horses for horseback archery. He currently lives in the countryside on the Hungarian Slovenian border.

Istavan has graced me by allowing me to become his Australian distributor to allow for his customers to find it easier to put their hands on one of his bows! You will not find another Toth bow provider in Australia!

Istavan Toth Bow Range

Mongolian Horse Bow

Mongolian_Bow_StrungAmazing speed and power allow the Mongolian Horse bow to be both perfect for horse archery and also hunting on foot or for target archery!
They also have string rests at each end of the bow where the string sits allowing for that extra power to come through by not allowing the string to move around after an arrow has been released.

The ancient Mongols developed this style with its distinctive bridge on which the string rests. The string gets a little extra “pop” when it snaps against the bridge, translating into higher arrow velocity and power.
*This style preferred by hunters.

Weight Range: 30#-70# (measured at 28”)
Length Unstrung: 57” (144.5 cm)
Length Strung: 53 1/2” (136 cm)
String Length: 50” (127 cm)
Brace Height: 5 1/2” (14 cm)


Hungarian Horse Bow

Hungarian_Bow_StrungThe Hungarian Horse bow also known as the Magyar has slightly less bent limbs but the smoothness this allows once the arrow has left the bow is amazing. This allows the archer to have less bow and string shock revertebrating through their body making the shot more consistent and smooth on horse back and standing.

The Hungarian Bow is best noted for it’s smooth draw and Extremely smooth shooting.

Weight Range: 30#-70# (measured at 28”)
Length Unstrung: 57 1/2” (146 cm)
Length Strung: 50 3/4” (128.5 cm)
String Length: 48” (122 cm)
Brace Height: 7 1/4” (18.5 cm)


Krim Tatar Bow

Krim_Tatar_Bow_StrungThe Krim Tatar was the name of the Ancient Turkish. The bows and skilled archers coming from that land assured many years of victories and successful siege defense in the times of the crusades.

The techniques developed by the Tatars allowed minimal damage to the archer whilst they were under fire from enemy bows. They developed methods of firing their bows to the equivalent of shooting around a corner with a hand gun not allowing for any of the body to be in danger and this was done from the top of Castle walls!

They were also great horse archers, legend says that some of their archers were unsaddled and while falling managed to swing their body and shoot their assailant before hitting the ground from their horse.

Comparable to the Mongolian’s speed, the Tatar has a smooth draw and a unique tip (syha) design.

Weight Range: 30#-75# (measured at 28”)
Length Unstrung: 53” (134.5 cm)
Length Strung: 50” (127 cm)
String Length: 48” (122 cm)
Brace Height: 6 1/2” (16.5 cm)


Hun Bow

The Huns were a horse culture much like other steppe nomads. Hun children knew how to ride and shoot before they learned to walk. By the time a Hun reached adulthood, riding was as natural as breathing.

The Huns were superior horsemen and archers such to the extent that they were compared to centaurs.

Hun_Bow_StrungDesigned especially for the larger archer, the Hun’s draw length reaches 30-32.” Each bow is given a weight at 28.” However, the weight at longer draws will generally differ 5 pounds per inch.

Weight Range: 30#-75# (measured at 28”)
Length Unstrung: 58 3/4” (149 cm)
Length Strung: 52 1/4” (132.5 cm)
String Length: 50” (127 cm)
Brace Height: 7” (17.5 cm)


Youth and child bows



Youth Scythian Bow

The Youth Scythian bow is also constructed with Resin and Fiberglass. The limbs and tips are then covered with leather to stylize it a little.
The string nocks are also covered with leather so that the material underneath doesn’t damage.

Very similar in shape as the adult’s Scythian bow the draw length of these only reaches 26 inches making it more then perfect for anyone from the age of 10 to 18 or people with a much smaller draw length. This includes shoulder surgery and so on that debilitates the full draw of the arm.

These beautiful little bows are also used to instruct horse archers for the first time as they are easier to draw to full power making it easier to learn with while riding.

Ideal for young and old archers alike who want a lighter bow with a shorter draw. Ideal for live-action role playing (meets SCA weight restrictions). Recommended for ages 10+.

Weight Range: 20#-40# (measured at 26”)
Length Unstrung: 52” (132 cm)
Length Strung: 47” (119 cm)
String Length: 45 3/4” (116 cm)
Brace Height: 6 1/4” (16 cm)