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Trilaminate English Longbow

Cost: $300 AUD ( Available, Ask for more information )



The Big Daddy of all bows the English Longbow has been known throughout the world as a war machine of unsurpassed power and range. Altough in medieval times these bows could reach up to 120 pounds of draw weight, the locals of the time still managed to shoot accurately and fall an enemy in full plated Armour.

They used to be created off of one single piece of Yew, an extremely sturdy and long lasting wood, and used to have horn nock inserts at the top and bottom of the bow where the string could rest.

In the Trilaminate English Longbow version the bow keeps the “D” Shape of the ancient bows with a small change which is the 3 way lamination of the bow, making it sturdier and able to withstand harsher climates.
The yew bows although beautiful do not withstand such dry and hot climates such as Australian’s weather as I have experienced first hand with one of these bows snapping in half at full draw.

The Trilamination consists of Bamboo, Hickory for Backing and either Osage or Yew for the front, which combined allow the bow to withstand the hot weather and not break so easily in this climate.

These bows can reach up to 80 Pounds of draw weight and have a great range. They take a little while to learn but are well worth the learning curve when you can pin targets at 40+ meters away.

The Trilaminate English Longbow is not adequate for beginners as it is hard to learn on.

Please take note that as this bow is primarily made with European woods they can warp over time.

If you need anymore information please contact me.

For videos about how to string and shoot this bow please visit my Youtube Channel!

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