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Traditional Scythian Bow

Cost: $250 AUD ( Available, Ask for more information )



One of the lightest bows on the market, the Traditional Scythian Bow is very similar in stile as the bows used by the ancient Scythians around the 8th Century B.C.

Nomadic horse warriors they developed some of the best archery equipment of their age putting them on the historical Archery record for their beautiful Bows.

Extremely light it feels as if you are holding a feather in your hands, it is Laminated Ash and or Hickory wood giving it a beautiful layered look.

There are 2 variances one of which is covered with leather and one completely wooden in look. The latter has a handle cover made of genuine black leather to ease shooting and for comfort.

The curved limbs give this Scythian bow amazing power and accuracy. The horn reinforced points at the top and bottom of the bow where the string sits also adds some longevity to the string’s nocking points.

It amazes me when I shoot this bow as it has great power due to the curve of it’s limbs and the well made lamination.

This is probably my favorite bow due to it’s lightness and power with the laminated look, or the leather covering.

The total length of the bow unstrung is 146 cm and 137 cm when strung.
For videos about how to string and shoot this bow please visit my Youtube Channel!
If this is not for you please take a look at the other bows in the Traditional Bows Page.

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Great traditional bow

Apr 21, 2013 by Jonathan

I finally got to try the scythian bow yesterday. It has a romantic, classic look and it shoots amazingly. Despite its amazing lightness it has quite a lot of power for short to medium distance shooting. Haven\'t tried long distance yet. Set up and shoot in one minute. I\'ve been training with a competition recurve, and traditional bow uses a slightly different form, but it didn\'t take long to figure out how to use this bow and am now able to focus on honing the instinct part of instinctive shooting. Definitely recommended if you are trying traditional archery for the first time like I was.

Response: Thanks a lot Jonathan! I am glad I could help! Keep up the hard work and dedication and you will be shooting amazingly in no time!

My life is complete

Apr 13, 2013 by Eunice Ong

I've been on the hunt for a reasonably-priced traditional bow (Sights are for the weak) for about six years now.
Came across Matt's stall at the Perth Medieval Fair and basically fainted from excitement.
Really good price, beautiful, powerful bows, and no need to jump through bureaucratic hurdles at Australian Customs!
Decided on the Scythian bow purely because all the wood is visible and recurve bows are the sexiest. This one aims like a dream.

Response: Thanks! I am really glad you are enjoying it so much!

Scythian Bow

Feb 07, 2013 by Dan

Picked one of these little beasts up and spent most of this morning getting my form up. This is an amazing little bow, It's very light, Has tons of power and very accurate once you find the method that is correct for you. I couldn't recommend this bow, Or Soul Archer more. Matt was very helpful and answered any questions I had. An all round great service.

Response: Thank you very much Dan.
I am so glad you are enjoying the bow!

scythian bow

Nov 15, 2012 by cleve wood

What a top little bow,with a fast flight string the little unit sings.I can"t get over the speed and punch it generates all I have to do now is enjoy learning how to use it.Great service from your company.

Response: Thanks a lot Cleve. Was happy to help!

Scythian Bow

Oct 11, 2012 by Nicua

I am very happy with my bow, it is great quality and being both light, powerful and natural, it is a fantastic bow for those who prefer more traditional archery. Would definetly recommend it to anyone looking for a recurve.

Response: That is one of my Favorite bows! Love how light it is!

Soul Archer Traditional Archery Perth , USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 I finally got to try the scythian bow yesterday. It has a romantic, classic look and it shoots amazingly. Despite its amazing lightness it has quite a lot of power for short to med