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Standard Horse Bow

Cost: $210 AUD ( Available, Ask for more information )           



The limbs of this bow taper from largest at the handle to thinner towards the top and bottom to cancel out the smaller bow and to make sure it still has strength and power as it has more material that has to flex.

The Traditional Standard Horse Bow has squared off ends resembling a Mongolian or Chinese horse bow, and curved limbs resembling a Magyar/Hungarian Horse bow.

The handle is thin so that the arrows can fly past without having to bend too much increasing accuracy and is covered with the same material as the limbs so that it’s soft and comfortable on the hand.

These also have a resin and glass core making this bow a long lasting piece of equipment. The Limb’s cover material varies depending on the stock available.

The total length of the bow unstrung is 129 cm and 119 cm when strung.

For videos about how to string and shoot this bow please visit my Youtube Channel!

If this is not for you please take a look at the other bows in the Traditional Bows Page. 


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