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Magyar Horse bow

Cost: $220 AUD ( Available, ask for more details )


Magyar Horse BowWith Strong flex and amazing smoothness the Magyar Horse Bow, also known as the Hungarian Horse Bow, is strong and smooth in it’s shooting.

The Magyars is what the Hungarians call themselves. Ancient warriors of the bow they developed amazing cavalry and infantry bow tactics to win their battles derived from Mongolian and Hun influences.

The brace height, the slight curve of its limbs and smaller syahs(bow tips) allow this bow to be a very smooth shooter

The bow is composed of resin and fiber glass on the limbs and Ash wood on the ends.The limbs of the Beginner Magyar horse Bow are covered with leather for aesthetics.

The pointy horn looking ends give the bow a mean and aggressive appearance. Depending on stock the Magyar Horse Bow can come with different types of leather looks including Red, Pink, Black and Brown.

This is a perfect bow for the beginner in Traditional Archery as it’s great value for money and will last a long time with no warping!

The total length of the bow unstrung is 143 cm and 135 when strung.
Poundage can vary from 20 to 60 LBS depending on stock.

The handle is reinforced with leather to feel comfortable on the hand and the string nocking points at the top and bottom have a maple or hickory insert to make the string friction not impact the duration of the bow.

Overall one of my favorite bows!

For videos about how to string and shoot this bow please visit my Youtube Channel!
If this is not for you please take a look at the other bows in the Traditional Bows Page.

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Magyar Horse Bow

Oct 10, 2012 by yiannis

Very nice bow to shoot with plenty of power and impact, easy to aim and just an all round great bow.

Response: They are very smooth and yet have great power! Thanks for the review!!

Soul Archer Traditional Archery Perth , USA 4.0 4.0 1 1 Very nice bow to shoot with plenty of power and impact, easy to aim and just an all round great bow.