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Deflex Reflex LongBow

 Cost: $250 AUD ( 1 Available)



The Laminated Deflex Reflex Longbow is very similar to the Laminated Flatbow. It is created with different layers of wood (Usually Ash) that are later glassed to keep strength and durability.

Part of the Longbow family this bow has both power and accuracy. One of the most well made bows of the range it has horn string nocks and an arrow rest for either the left or the right hand.

Deflex Reflex means that the ends or tips of the bows curl a little towards the archer when unstrung. There is no real difference to the performance but it gives the bow a nice curve on the limbs when unstrung.
The length of the unstrung Deflex Reflex Longbow is 160 cm when it’s strung and 170 cm when unstrung.   The draw length averages around 28 inches for a draw weight of 20 to 60 pounds.

These bows are professionally created in Hungary, Europe from a master Bowyer who has been creating bows for a long time.

For videos about how to string and shoot this bow please visit my Youtube Channel!
If this is not for you please take a look at the other bows in the Traditional Bows Page.

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Horse Bow

Oct 12, 2012 by Greg

Nice bows but not enuff power. no mater how hard i pull i cant seem to get my shots off, straight. is it me or am i doing soemthing wrong when i pull? i have a horsebow but no horse. is that why? my dad bought my this for my birthday and i want it to work.

Response: Hi there, I don\'t know which bow you are referring to. How many pounds is it? I have a 40lbs and can reach 30 meters comfortably. If you are trying to shoot accurately over that it requires great skill and form. Remember that these are traditional bows and not compound bows so range can be an issue over 40 meters. If you had your email on the form I could have contacted you but as it wasn\'t provided you will have to contact me on the contact form. I am in the process of doing some videos on how to shoot these bows so it will be easier for you to understand how to shoot the bow. Meanwhile you can take a look at the hundreds of videos on youtube or alternatively go to your closest archery range and I am sure they can give you some tips

Deflex Reflex Bow

Oct 10, 2012 by Dan

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the service and help I got in regards to purchasing my flat bow. Upon enquiring about the bow I asked many questions and swiftly got back great informed answers. The quality of my bow is fantastic is performing very well. Highly recommend buying ur archery supplys from hear.

Response: Thanks Mate Happy to help!!

Deflex Reflex LongBow

Oct 09, 2012 by Lance

These guys really know their stuff, I am going to pick up a Deflex Reflex LongBow (I find getting off, long bows more satisfying) just wana say great website and products just what I have been looking for. I have compaired to many other sellers and i know the feeling of owning an iferior bow, experiencing first hand the the disapointment of flaccid string, not being able to perform. This website provides many great tips, is easy to read and understand. I am very new to archery but i share much enthusiasm, as I spend most of my spare time pulling out my bow and shooting off in public areas. I will be sure to leave a second post reviewing my new bow once i buy one in a few weeks.



Response: Thanks a lot for the comments! Please remember that shooting a bow in public is not legal though and I wouldn\'t want to have anyone have a big fine and have their bow taken off of them. Be sure to shoot at a certified archery range or on a property where there is minimal chance of endangering anyone!
Thanks and will look forward to your inquiry!

Soul Archer

Soul Archer Traditional Archery Perth , USA 4.0 5.0 3 3 Nice bows but not enuff power. no mater how hard i pull i cant seem to get my shots off, straight. is it me or am i doing soemthing wron