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Horse Archery Australia

Horse Archery in Australia is making an awesome break through thanks to the amount of people loving and enjoying mounted archery across Australia.
Soul Archer is proud of being one of the biggest horse bow importer in Australia for the now and am loving every minute of it! This is my hobby and passion.

Flagella Dei is the brand of the Hungarian Bow makers creating these little beauties and they are great for both foot archery or Mounted Archery.

They have been making Beautiful bows since the year 1999 in the attempt to bring their Beautiful Ancestry back to Europe and the world.

Trilaminate English Longbow

Price $300
The Big Daddy of all bows the English Longbow has been known throughout the world as a war machine of unsurpassed power and range. Although in medieval times these bows could reach up to 120 pounds of draw weight, the locals of the time still managed to shoot accurately and fall an enemy in full plated Armour…. READ MORE




Deflex Reflex Bow

Price $250
The Laminated Deflex Reflex Longbow is very similar to the Laminated Flatbow.
It is created with different layers of wood (Usually Ash) that are later glassed to keep strength and durability…. READ MORE



Deflex ReflexSmall

Laminated FlatBow

Price $250
The total length of this bow is around the 170 cm unstrung or 160 cm strung.
The Draw Weight can vary from 20 to 60 pounds at an average draw length of 28 Inches… READ MORE




Deluxe Hungarian Horse Bow

Price $260
They are created with many layers of wood that can vary between Ash, maple, Osage, Yew and horn. These beautiful bows are the cream of the crop as far as Horse Archery in Australia are concerned.
They are also available with Horn inserts at the top and bottom of the bow to help with the string’s wear…..READ MORE




Scythian Horse Bow

Price $250
One of the lightest bows on the market, the Traditional Scythian Bow is very similar in stile as the bows used by the ancient Scythians around the 8th Century B.C.
Nomadic horse warriors they developed some of the best archery equipment of their age putting them on the historical Archery record for their beautiful Bows….READ MORE




Mongolian Horse Bow

Price $220
With different Leather coverings this bow has the ability to be personalized to your liking.
As a specialized feature this bow has a string guide on it’s tips making the string rest when not in use reducing tear and wear and prolonging the duration of your bow….READ MORE




Magyar Horse Bow

Price $220
With Strong flex and amazing speed the Beginner Magyar Horse Bow, also known as the Beginner Hungarian Horse Bow, is strong and fast in it’s shooting.
The Magyars is what the Hungarians call themselves. Ancient warriors of the bow they developed amazing cavalry and infantry bow tactics to win their battles derived from Mongolian and Hun influences….READ MORE




Standard Horse Bow

Price $210
The limbs of this bow taper from largest at the handle to thinner towards the top and bottom to cancel out the smaller bow and to make sure it still has strength and power as it has more material that has to flex.
The Traditional Standard Horse Bow has squared off ends resembling a Mongolian or Chinese horse bow, and curved limbs resembling a Magyar/Hungarian Horse bow….READ MORE




Youth Long Bow

Price $190
It is perfect for anyone below the age of 16 to begin their journey into Archery. This bow usually starts at 25 pounds of draw Weight at 27 inches meaning that it’s more adequate to the shorter arms of the youth…. READ MORE